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mind your mind

unwrapped gift

How to be selfishly kind this holiday season

How to have a mindful holiday season.
Man meditating

Mind your mind: Power up your mindfulness strategies

Mindfulness techniques are like apps or pieces of software. The apps might be great, but they won’t work perfectly if you run them on a slow, clunky, out-of-date device. Sometimes you have to update...

Mind your mind: Looking out for yourself

Ever feel anxious or overwhelmed? If you’re not a robot, your answer is probably yes. Anxiety isn’t a fun experience, but it’s totally normal. The good news is that there are simple ways to...
Man laying on the floor with headphones on

Mind your mind: Touching a soap bubble with a feather

Ever notice that more stuff seems to happen in the first few weeks of the semester than in the rest of the year? So many people to meet and events to check out and...
Female student studying

Mind your mind: Finding calm in the chaos

Your week might look like this: Study for bio stats exam Finish/Start thesis proposal Prep for quarterly meeting Turn in grant applications Pick up an extra shift at the café Plan your daughter’s birthday Cook (and eat) dinner at least onceSound...
vector image of brain

Mind your mind: September

What is mindfulness, really? Every time I enter the BuzzFeed black hole or scroll through my Twitter feed, there’s an article about how mindfulness can improve our lives. Mindfulness is supposed to be good...